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The Brand


3DShoes.com is laser focused on disrupting the burgeoning traditional shoe industry. We hear estimates that over 100 people are needed to make one shoe and most countries produce less than 1% of the shoes that they buy. 3D shoes will reverse this and we are now beginning to see the signs in the news, at events and on customers’ feet.


3DShoes.com goals are also ambitious. We are working towards a globally recognized 3D Shoes platform with research, insights and data to benefit the 3D industry as a whole. Thousands of successful shoe brands around the globe will be able to offer the lowest cost possible while inventing individual brands which were once considered economically impossible.


Today we see our digital designs in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Kenya, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, China, Japan, Philippines, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, United Kingdom. Access has been the key issue to print digital designs, but with firms such as www.3DHubs.com providing over one billion people with access to a 3D Printable Product within 10 miles of their homes, 3D goals are becoming closer than ever.


3D Shoes are being examined for wear and tear. 3D Shoe firms will be able to buy the right equipment and the right filament compounds as well as train employees in order to produce shoes locally. 3D micro factories will radically change the shoe industry of the future with printing capabilities of 3D shoes in minutes, not hours. In the future you will be able to search a favorite shoe design or brand, buy the digital design and have your shoes printed locally. Training 3D machinists will help bring back careers that have been lost to unskilled labor for decades. It’s time for change.