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Volumental's 3D Scanning

With 3D printing, we are starting to hear a lot of the same names coming up with new ideas. But soon we will be hearing more about a startup called Volumental, a company based in Stockholm. They are using 3D scanning and Intel’s RealSense technology to create clothing and accessories to fit your body perfectly. For now the technology is being used to scan people’s feet to help retailers find the perfect pair of footwear for consumers. Volumental sees a future for their company where this technology will be applied to clothing to have it custom made as well.

Just like clothing companies, shoe companies have an inconsistent idea of what a shoe size is supposed to be.  Instead of buying the same size from every company you’ll find that you may not wear the same size every time. One of the goals of Volumental is to help customers by finding their perfect fit through their scanning company. 3DShoes.com and many other 3D shoe production companies could use this idea. We will be able to assure better fit and comfort for manufacturers.

Volumental was founded by Caroline Walerud, Alper Aydemir, Miroslav Kobetski, and Rasmus Goransson in 2012, and has gone from four members to twenty. The first of their foot scanners are already installed in several locations in Japan. These scanners have helped develop the App that helps customers find shoe recommendations based on their shoe sizing.  Recently Volumental signed a partnership with Nordstrom to help bring more accurate in-store shoe sizing, and is slowly moving their technology into the US.


Original Article: http://3dprint.com/115919/volumental-3d-scanning/


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