Unintentionally, we seem to have an animal theme at 3DShoes.com this week. A cat names Dymka has become the world’s second recipient of 3D printed titanium prosthetic limbs. A passerby found him in the snow on the side of the road in Novokuznetsk, Siberia, and took her to a clinic. Thanks to some innovative thinking, a team of veterinarians and researchers saved her life and gave her new mobility. Although Dymka’s legs had to be amputated, she was given 3D printed titanium replacements. In order to create the prosthetics, the team took CT scans of the cat’s legs using x-rays. They used the scans to 3D print titanium rods that would become her new legs.


The titanium limbs were implanted into Dymka’s leg bones and coated with calcium phosphate to reduce the risk of infection. The calcium phosphate also helps the prosthetics adhere to bones and decreases the chance of implant rejection. Dymka is the second cat in the world to receive a quadruple amputation and prosthetic implants. Seven months later, she is leading a full life with the ability to both walk and run. It’s amazing how not only 3D printed shoes can help us with movement, but prosthetics as well.


Original Article: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/hero-cat-surviving-thriving-3d-164700840.html