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3D Flip Flops To Fight COVID-19

Imagine a pair of 3D printed flip flops that are both customized to fit your feet, but also fight COVID-19. They are also good for the environment and handle getting wet well. Well, there is a small army of highly modified 3D printers set up in Melbourne, Australia to work towards this possibility. The company can make thousands of combinations so they can fit your foot perfectly. The flip flops are customized to fit the foot’s width, arch height, and length. They can also customize the support amount within each pair to get the optimum cushioning thanks to their Advanced Air Cushioning System. This uses hundreds of air pockets embedded within each pair to give the feeling of walking on air. The air pockets can be modified to give the perfect mixture of cushioning and support. The flip flops are made from fully recyclable materials, with each pair being able to be turned back into new filament if you send them back. They are also printed on-demand, so there is never a surplus stock. The company uses foam to create them, so they behave more like regular shoes in the wet, so they don’t absorb water.


The flip flops feature a red sole and strap to represent the virus, and a black footbed to represent the dark impact it has on people. “COVID-19” is also inscribed on the strap and the sole. For each pair of shoes that are purchased, a portion of it is donated to a COVID-19 charity. It supports front-line healthcare workers and research for finding a vaccine. The company has a full range of 3D Printed Flip Flops with the same design, with a range of color and different inscription options. Make sure to check out the campaign in the link to contribute!


Original Article: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/3d-printed-flip-flops-to-fight-covid-19#/


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