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3D-Printed HERON01 Sneaker by Heron Preston & Zellerfeld

For numerous years now, the shoe enterprise and additive production gamers had been collaborating. Like Adidas and its 3D-revealed 4DFWD sneakers, or Athos and its 3D-revealed mountain climbing shoes, this kind of initiative has come to be more and more popular. This time, style designer Heron Preston determined to apply 3D printing generation to create the HERON01 sneaker. The brainchild of English clothier Mr. Bailey, and in partnership with the Zellerfeld company, the slip-on sneaker is absolutely 3-D-revealed and calls for no sewing or glue. As an unmarried unit, the sneaker is an alternative uncommon product—additive production is frequently used to fabricate handiest one a part of the shoe, together with the only for example.

With additive manufacturing, the potential is limitless,” Preston shared in a statement. “I was able to design and print working and scalable prototypes in a matter of hours—with traditional manufacturing it would have taken months. I can’t wait to print more shoes and updates.” Benefits that could make 3D printing of shoes a popular manufacturing method. Especially since, thanks to additive manufacturing and the materials used, the HERON01 can be fully recycled once its life cycle has ended.


Personalization Using 3D Printing

Whether in the medical sector, the fashion industry, or even the automotive industry, it is now common to see 3D printing technology used to design custom parts. In this case, Heron Preston wants to provide customers with personalized and tailor-made shoes. To do this, consumers will have to scan their feet using a smartphone, and the shoes will then be 3D printed. For those who would like to acquire the HERON01, it is available in three colors, through the online retailer StockX. “The StockX ethos of always challenging the status quo is very much in line with Heron Preston’s vision as a designer and the brand values that guide Zellerfeld. Our partners have spent years pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion, and this innovative 3D printed shoe is a direct result of that work,” said Deena Bahri, StockX CMO.

According to Cornelius Schmitt, CEO of Zellerfeld, the partnerships between creators, designers, and additive manufacturing players are not about to end. He concludes: “Heron is a truly inspiring designer, and 3D printing will allow visionaries like him to reshape shoes for the better.”


Source: https://www.3dnatives.com/en/heron-preston-zellerfeld-3d-printed-sneaker-061020215/

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