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3D Printed Shoe for Grimes and Elon Musk’s Baby by Rombaut

Photo: Courtesy of Rombaut



What does one get as a gift for a baby like X Æ A-12, aka the four-month-old son of Grimes and Elon Musk? A pacifier appears a small amount tame, and a bib could be a snooze for the kid created by a person who desires to colonize Mars and a lady who will dance with a Valkyrie sword. whereas the gift giving can be a confusing task, Mats Rombaut, founding father of the label Rombaut, could have cracked the code: a try of baby shoes.


The Paris-based designer, who creates zero waste–minded vegetarian shoes that are available cool colours and while not cold cereal crunch, created teeny shoes for the kid in conjunction with 3-D-printing footwear company Zellerfeld. The try contains a futurist tinge: The lilliputian shoes sport a chunky thereforele and rough higher with a bit of Velcro to fasten, with the name X Æ A-XII sealed across them. they're so small that they'll slot in the palm of a hand.


The gift felt natural for Rombaut, who has long loved Grimes and Musk even before that they had gotten together. “I are extremely an exponent of every [of them], thus it had been each worlds that were merging after they were having a baby,” says Rombaut over the phone from Paris. “Since they declared her pregnancy, i used to be dreaming of constructing a shoe for the baby, as a result of it's the illustration of the longer term and hope.” and Grimes was already a fan of Rombaut’s push-the-limits property footwear creations—last year the singer purchased an unconventional combine of his cowboy sneakers and boots (crafted with apple leather) once discovering him on Instagram.


Photo: Courtesy of Rombaut


While making X Æ A-12’s shoes, Rombaut needed to travel zero-waste, a old philosophy of his label. “We wanted to try and do one thing that's a control system that doesn’t pollute. we have a tendency to considered 3D printing,” the designer explains. Rombaut teamed up with Zellerfeld, a Brooklyn-based technical school startup that not solely prints elements to shoes however whole shoes in one fell swoop. Rombaut’s and Zellerfeld’s property mindsets merge: each firms are centered on manufacturing zero-waste footwear, and Zellerfeld’s technology perfects the process, utilizing 100% utile chemical compound and no sewing or glue.


“Ten years past I said, ‘In the longer term individuals can print their own shoes,’ and it’s super exciting to measure within the future right now!” says Rombaut. X Æ A-12’s shoes were a realization of this prediction and a profound moment for the designer, who envisions a a lot of eco-future.


As for the look, Rombaut was galvanized by each his own styles, specifically his fall 2021 Drone shoe with Associate in Nursing alien-type sole and a nylon higher that's corresponding to a puffer coat. He additionally took one in every of Musk’s creations, the dystopian, chunk-tastic, Troned-out Tesla Cybertruck, as inspiration for the shoe’s upper. “I love the total attribute behind Tesla, and this design speaks to American state the foremost so far. i really like the angular and triangular shapes,” says Rombaut. “We couldn’t go as radical as a result of the form within has to hug the foot and be comfy.” and that we are positive very little X’s feet are simply fine and, of course, terribly fashionable in these kicks.


Photo: Courtesy of Rombaut



SOURCE: https://www.vogue.com/article/rombaut-baby-shoe-grimes-elon-musk

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