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3D-printed ‘stela basic’ by SCRY explores black monoliths in space

The radiance of divinity graces its light upon SCRY’s 3D-printed shoes. Named ‘Stela Basic’, nothing seems ordinary with the aesthetics of the shoes: mesh prints marry geometric holes throughout the design, slithering snake-like bumps ornate the soles, a square-shaped tip replaces the ovular end commonly found in sneakers, and a boomerang-esque heel arches the wearer off the ground. The charcoal palette may emit the aura of elegance, but the design hushes it down, the complement to turn it into a streetwear ornament.


Zixiong Wei, the founder of SCRY, takes the shoes’ design cues from the presence of the Black Monolith in space and the domination of space shuttles in the galaxies. When he describes the influences, the designer extends it to  ‘destroying the boundaries of vision and throwing off the shackles of the concrete. The darkness begins and ends here.’ The singular palette depicts void and darkness, the depth of the shoes expanding and never settling.


images from SCRY





‘It exists divorced from reality and can transfer freely in the universe. Exploring the unknown of the universe transcends the boundaries of time and space, which also breaks the constraints of dimensions,’ describes Wei. Geometric lines run through the design as an expression of ‘invisible power.’


The way the designer forms the narrative of the shoes overviews the poetic principles of his virtues and creativity. ‘The design breakthrough of the shoe body and bottom pattern gives a whole new texture, creating the perfect integration of toughness and softness, as well as the coexistence of functionality and aesthetics,’ shares Wei.


3D-printed ‘stela basic’ by SCRY explores black monoliths in space





SCRY lab, as a footwear laboratory, reveres footwear as an object to study and investigate future design and production possibilities. ‘We attempt to integrate cutting-edge innovation into real life by working at the crossroads of art, design, technology, culture, and the environment,’ shares Wei. To continue his research, Wei and his team gave birth to ‘Digital Embryo,’ the foundation of their digital design that manufactures for its footwear pieces and blueprints.


back view


‘stela basic’ aims to explore the ‘unknown’


the design is inspired by the black monoliths in space


close up view


the shoes are 3D-printed



project info:


name: Stela Basic

designer: Zixiong Wei

brand: SCRY


SOURCE: https://www.designboom.com/design/stela-basic-by-scry-04-29-2022/

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