Ganit Goldstein has collaborated with Stratasys in the past on 3D printed clothing and footwear collections. For Goldstein’s latest work, she teamed up with 3D printing company Prusa Research. They created a wearable collection of FDM 3D printed shoes and four outfits that were 3D printed directly on fabric. This 3D printed wearable collection is called Custom-Fit. Goldstein views the human body as an innovation platform and focuses on the development of smart textiles. The garments and shoes were inspired by her study of traditional Japanese ikat weaving at the Tokyo University of the Arts. The four outfits and five pairs of shoes were being presented at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The 3D printed footwear from the collaboration project will also be presented as a finalist project in the Reshape 2019 competition for wearable technology in Barcelona, Spain.


The shoes were printed as one piece, using multi-color FDM 3D printing and flexible materials, and included hand made techniques. All five pairs of shoes were 3D printed at the headquarters of PrusaLab. Goldstein is currently in the middle of her Master studies at the Royal College of Arts in London. She has always been interested in using 3D printing and scanning to find an intersection between technology and craft. I look forward to seeing any future creations and innovations in the future.


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