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3D Printed Wearables Market

The Global 3D printed wearables market will maintain its steady course, per Future Market Insights. According to a study, the 3D printed wearables industry is influenced by the focus on partnerships with technology providers to rid traditional limitations for design innovations. Seeing the potential and consumer demand for 3D printed wearables, manufacturers are 3D printing products from footwear and clothes to jewelry and sports accessories. The report says 3D printed footwear will remain the top-selling, accounting for 1/4th of market share. 3D printing holds potential in enhancing product development in the wearables industry. Currently, the cost of 3D printers remains a concern, but the low cost of operations and the convenience are long-term benefits.


3D printing revolutionizes the manufacturing process while enabling mass production of customized products to help the future growth of 3D printed wearables. The study also found that 3D printed wearable manufacturers will benefit from new solutions that feature mixed material printing. Key players are partnering with engineers, mathematicians, and architects for creating high-end 3D printed wearables for the future. As more wearable manufacturers turn to 3D printing for acceleration production, gains in the market are expected to surge at a significant pace in the future. Europe and North America remain lucrative for 3D printed wearables, which can be attributed to a rise in the number of wearable startups.


Original Article: https://www.printedelectronicsnow.com/contents/view_breaking-news/2019-08-20/3d-printed-wearables-hold-promise-to-unlock-future-of-bespoke-fashion-fmi


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