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3D Printing And The Footwear Industry

The footwear industry has continued to grow over the years. By 2020, we could see the footwear market reach $371 billion, thanks to new design trends and the middle-class population. There is a demand for trendy and comfortable shoes for all age groups and genders. Some manufacturers have been able to combine innovations with new technologies such as 3D printing to create 3D printed shoes for athletes and everyday consumers. A big thing that has been catching is the appearance of orthotic insoles. They can be expensive and time-consuming but thanks to additive manufacturing we can make them custom for specific needs. It helps with those who suffer from diabetes, flat feet, and even plantar fasciitis. First, a doctor scans the patient’s foot and then enters the data into software that begins to 3D print them. The insoles will provide runners and other consumers with relief from any foot ailment.


As for the outsoles, a company named Prodways Groups has developed not only insoles but midsoles and outsoles as well. They use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to print flexible soles for running shoes. The midsoles are made to have high resistance to fatigue, which still being time and cost-effective. Prodways uses a DLP MOVINGLight 3D printing technology that speeds up product launches to help get products to the public. 3D printed shoes have even gone as far as making its way into the Olympics. New Balance and Adidas tried using 3D printing to improve traction and energy transfer for runners. Adidas engineered shoes with soles that are stiff and thing to help provide support for runners as they curved around the track. There is no doubt that 3D shoe technology can improve and athletic performance. There are many applications and 3DShoes.com is definitely looking at the right industry.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/204823/3d-printing-of-shoe-accessories/


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