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3D Printing Growth

3D printing, which by now many of you also know as added manufacturing, has surprisingly been around since 1984. People did not really start to notice it until all of the recent advances in the technology. Consumers can purchase 3D printed shoes, printed jewelry, printed pens and even printed vehicles. In 2014 the 3D printing industry grew by 35.2% and innovations with 3D printed products are noticeable among a range of industries. The most notable advances in 3D printing are found in the world of medicine. Medical technologies are often expensive when they enter the market. But many of the 3D printed solutions are coming in at reasonable prices. This could possibly help disrupt the trajectory of rising health care costs when there will be more pressure on the health care system.


With the healthcare market, 3D printing can be applied to physician training, device testing and surgical planning. Patient scans can be turned into realistic anatomically correct 3D printed models using sophisticated computer software. 3D printers, engineers, researchers, and surgeons could be located in one facility. Organizations can be more customer-centric, sharpening the focus of key innovations that lead to entering new markets. Although our main focus at 3DShoes.com is based around 3D printed footwear, there are still many applications for 3D printing. The industry is still growing, and more ideas are appearing as time goes by. Whether it’s footwear, clothing, vehicles, or healthcare, 3D printing will continue to be life changing. Products will become more affordable and more accessible to consumers.


Original Article: https://www.medgadget.com/2017/09/remarkable-growth-in-3d-printing-healthcare-market-global-industry-analysis-size-share-trends-opportunity-assessment-and-forecasts-2017-2022.html


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