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3D Printing In The Fashion Industry

New York Fashion Week this year featured seven days of innovation with concepts that have never been seen. The most elite members of the fashion community were in attendance, and we were shown the latest upcoming trends. A focus of the event is fast fashion, which is capturing fresh designs and quickly reproducing them for mass consumption. Fast fashion is the foundation of many fashion brands and retailers. By selling new clothing at low prices, brands and retailers create a cycle of supply and demand. The only problem is that fast fashion can be costly and high in environmental sustainability. Thankfully with 3D printing, we can minimize waste and easily reuse materials. By implementing the technology into garment and footwear manufacturing we can revolutionize the way that clothing is made, purchased, worn, and recycled.


3D printing has already gained a lot of attention in the fashion industry. Additive manufacturing offers many benefits with both sustainability and creativity, especially with 3D printed shoes. 3D printed products can be customized during the digital design phase, which helps for items to be created to specific measurements. The technology can also help extend a product’s lifecycle. 3D printing has been seen in the fashion industry a lot already. With 3D printing, we gain optimal sustainability and creative potential, and we won’t see it going out of style anytime soon. As interest in 3D printing rises, we will see 3D printed shoes and garments on the runway more often.


Original Article: https://news.thomasnet.com/featured/3d-printing-sustaining-a-fashion-statement


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