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3D Printing Moving To Bags

3D printing is continuing to explain in the fashion industry. Designers are using various technologies to improve their products, and not only just with shoes. With 3D printing companies can design and create 3D handbags for various occasions. The bag market has been turning to smaller handbags, just as consumers are turning to smaller technology. In the last decade, the online sales of handbags have increased. Consumers are looking to purchase affordable items, which are helping with the success of 3D online retailers. 3D printing is a technology that makes it possible to turn 3D modeled designs into the custom object on demand. That’s why custom 3D printed shoes are becoming a reality for consumers. 3D printing is a way to express a design and idea that someone has in the mind, and use accurate techniques to print that idea.


Many companies are looking into this 3D printed bag idea. One company is Mon Purse, which was founded in 2014 by Lana Hopkins. The company allows customers to select from a variety of leathers, prints, colors, and fringes to create their own bags, clutches, and totes. Another company is XYZbag, who created a ‘create your own bag” online configuration which includes stylish 3D printed purses. They allow the customer to build their own bag and be part of the process from start to finish. Designers have been seeking new ways to incorporate technology into fashion, allowing for designs to be freedom of expression pieces. The only drawback is the risk of losing a personal touch associated with crafting handbags since everything is created on a computer and more robotic or uniform.


In 2014 the company Nike launched a product called the Rebento duffel that is part of a larger kit that was 3D printed sports bags for players competing in the FIFA World Cup. Like 3DShoes.com, Nike has also been looking into 3D printed shoes, so they have a good understanding of the technology. Only 3 of the duffels exist, and one of them is owned by Brazilian player Neymar Jr. Nike used a 3D printed honeycomb which is a patterned piece of plastic with small, interconnected sections and the Nike fly knit pattern to laser-sinter the duffel. The 3D print industry is colliding with the fashion industry, and even greater potential is being seen for the vast line of products companies are producing, especially 3D shoes.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/186347/3d-printed-handbags/


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