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3D Printing In Multicolor

As 3D printing becomes more advanced, the things that can be done with it are becoming more sophisticated. There is a lot of multicolor and full color rather than things being printed one color and then painted. It can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you’re trying to add a lot of detail. Currently, there are three different ways that FFF 3D printer owners can print in multiple colors. The first is manual filaments changing, which is beginning with one color and then stopping the 3D printing to change the filament to another color. It’s the most popular way because there are multiple colors, and even automatic filament switching devices. The only downside of this method is that you are unable to mix colors, so you are limited to the colors available for the printer.


The next way is CMYK color mixing, which involves multiple strands of filaments being fed into a single head, melted and blended together, then extruded as one strand. The drawback of this way is that you will be unable to get a true white. You also will need five heads for a full spectrum of colors, and only a few 3D printers are capable of that. As it progresses, however, customers will be able to buy fewer filaments because they can mix colors. Lastly, we have the option of colorizing, which has actually been around for a while. This is the least common method because it is impossible to get the technology for less than $500. M3D, the creator of many 3D printers, also released a line of quality color filaments. They have controlled pigment sizes and additives that help mix with other similar filaments. The reason I am telling you about all this multicolor 3D printing, of course, is because we could definitely see this being applied to 3D printed shoes someday. From personal experience, I like to have color options when purchasing my footwear. At 3DShoes.com we would definitely like to provide that option for consumers as well.


Original Article: https://3dprint.com/203610/multicolor-3d-printing/


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