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3D Shoes Inspired By Clouds

With digital modeling and 3D printing, designers can create objects of previously near-impossible form. Elaborate shapes are a hallmark of the medium but now we find success with a restrained mix of digital flourishes and classic surfaces. Japanese company Magarimono has recently launched a new line of shoes. They’ve taken some of the creative strangeness and found a place for it in their creative package. This shoe line was created using inspiration from clouds. The shoes feature four different types with names that are very fitting for their design. The types are cirrus, stratiformis, cumulonimbus, and altocumulus like the types of clouds. The footwear will be made to order and take about two to four weeks for production and delivery. The collection dropped the 19th of this month in Tokyo. The four models are available in multiple sizes and will cost about $1,100 each. They are very expensive, but another good example of what 3D printed shoes will be showing us in the future.


Original Article: https://www.core77.com/posts/100260/These-Japanese-3D-Printed-Shoes-Are-Inspired-by-Four-Types-of-Clouds?utm_source=core77&utm_medium=from_title


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  • what fabbaloo filament are the shoe top in bottom

    Derritt Swearington
  • good Works


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