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Francis Bitonti's Mutatio Shoes



Many designers in the fashion world make themselves known for the incredible work they produce. There is a designer creating every type of item in the fashion industry. For 3D printing, one designer keeps gripping the attention of people everywhere; Francis Bitonti. He has created a range of shoes for the Dutch footwear company known as United Nude. The various 3D printed high heels were created using algorithms specific to each style.



His Mutatio shoe combines leather uppers with latticed platform heels. These heels were made from nylon and then plated with gold for the finished product. Each pair of heels has a slightly different pattern, which is the result of creating an algorithm that controls the form of the shoe. Doing this helped the designer create bespoke designs that could be made from a 3D printer. This type of algorithm could be applied to other shoes in the future, such as ones the site 3DShoes has to present to its consumers.


Bitonti’s shoes were made by the 3D printing company 3D Systems and will be seen during an event at United Nude’s flagship store on Bond Street in New York. Each base of the shoe is paired with texted black upper leather. They cover the entire foot and feature a zip up on the heels to make getting the shoes on and off easier. Having the heel created for a metal plated 3D printed plastic allows for smarter designs. The thin metal surface is cold, and helps keep the shoe lightweight and easy to walk in.




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