The Future Of The Footwear Industry



Today’s footwear industry isn’t all about the latest styles of fashion and who is coming out with them. It’s also about the more efficient and innovative ways of creating them. I want to talk specifically about one of these ways, 3D Printing. I believe that 3D printing is the future of the shoe industry, and an article I recently ran into will help me explain some of the reasons why this is true.


Originally there was a problem with 3D printing. It would be strong on one axis and very weak on the other. But with the revealing of the method Carbon 3D has came up with, we could be seeing great potential with 3D printed shoes. At the same time, with 3D printing we’ll be given the ability to be creative with the future designs. More complex designs will be made possible if they’re 3D printed.





If 3D printing continues to evolve and the cost can be brought down, the ability of mass-producing the shoes is something that can be made possible in the near future. It revitalizes the local economy, gives brands a shot at creating their own molds, ones we could see on and you can print them as you need them. Most of all, 3D printing is an additive process, so you’re not being wasteful by only using what you really need.



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