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Amazon Buys Pittsburgh 3D Shoe Scanning Firm Shoefitr.com



Team we tried not to send updates monthly but this is 100% Disruptive.  The shoe future will be getting better than most of us think and it started yesterday.


shoefitr sells to Amazon.com Matt, Nick, Breck raise over $1,300,000 in 2010 and all to sell to Amazon.com.  Nick@Shoefitr.com.


As you saw from our last update how companies are searching for ways to reduce returns from people claiming the shoe size was incorrect, Amazon.com helps and heats up one of 3D SHOES strategies by scanning as many people worldwide.


The social impact of this with Amazon will be enormous and as we help, in 25 days our $5000 scanners begin shipping to companies and schools and one medical consultant that helps C level managers with 700 hospital and clinics. 


With Amazon.com now pushing 3d shoes scanning technology this is going to be such a huge advancement, quite possible THE advancement we were hoping for.  So many people will benefit its amazing; so many people will have correct and affordable 3D Printed Knitted Shoes.  Just so many people will benefit.


Amazon’s latest buy may intro 3D shoe

shopping http://www.technobuffalo.com/2015/04/10/amazons-latest-buy-may-intro-3d-shoe-shopping/




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