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Designer Spotlight: Cristina Franceschini



Every one of us has our own traditions. Sometimes they’re personal; sometimes they’re within our families. It could even be a tradition from a town. Cristina Franceschini, and Italian designer, comes from a town with a long tradition in shoe manufacturing.


Craftsmanship and expertise have passed down from generation to generation for years. Cristina is part of a generation combining tradition and innovation, being enhanced by technologies such as 3D printing.


Cristina joined the world of additive manufacturing when she purchased and Italian-made WASP 3D printer about three years ago. Today she uses a photopolymer 3D printer and metal sintering, but prefers nylon when she is working on shoes.





The material is light and resistant. Something we might see in many of the shoes produced by 3D printing, including ones seen on the site 3DShoes. The software she uses for her creations are primarily Moi3d and Zbrush. She likes to stay up to date and challenge herself.


Additive manufacturing benefits Cristina’s work by speeding up the prototyping process and cutting the costs. Each object created can be completed within three to nine hours.


The technology enlarges the spectrum of possibilities with designing and realizing new projects. She is currently in collaboration with 3DShoes.com. Her current project is producing shoes for women, and will be presented in the near future.



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