For decades now Barbie has been both an American loved, and hated toy. She has gone through various careers, hobbies, and kept up with changes in the interest and ideas about girls and women.

Barbie has been everything from a princess, a waitress, to a ballerina and an astronaut. In 2010 she grabbed glasses and a laptop to enter the world as “computer engineer Barbie.”

Now thanks to Charlene Flick, a 3D printing entrepreneur, an idea is being proposed that it is time for Barbie to enter the world of 3D printing. The idea was submitted to Quirky and will become one step closer to becoming a reality.

Just like the products seen on, “Maker Barbie” will have accessories that she has created using 3D printing. The idea will be used to help introduce girls into making, by updating Barbie’s interests.

Maker Barbie will also include a robotic dog, Benny. She will also have 3D printed shoes, swing top and a hair clasp. Her career tools will be a 3D printer and a laptop.

The main idea is that the child will be encouraged to interact with the world of 3D printing, by designing and printing objects and clothing for her Barbie to use. This could help draw more attention to 3DShoes and other sites that focus around 3D printing.


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