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Interview: Zoe Dai



3D printing is starting to enter the world of fashion, and designers are starting to see the potential it offers for making clothing and accessories that fit customers almost perfectly.


One of these designers is Zoe Jia-Yu Dai, who recently released a shoe collection titled “Breaking the 3D Mold.” Zoe Dai is one of the designers who has her work featured on the site 3DShoes.com. Her designs combine traditional shoemaking with the technology used in 3D printing.





Recently Zoe Dai was interviewed about her collection of shoes that she has released. Her interest in creating a shoe using 3D printing came from an interest in wanting to change the process of shoe making.


3D printing allows for a large amount of flexibility in the design stage. The process allowed her to push boundaries of design, as well as allowing for prototypes to be manufactured. Some of these ideas we could see featured on 3DShoes in the future.


The shoes are assembled by first creating 3D printed lasts, based on the foot scans of a client’s foot. The next stage is to create the shape of the shoes, using 3D software. Next the shoe upper is created using 3D design software to emboss patterns onto leather.





After that is finished cutting, stitching the leathers, and making the insole and outsole parts are made. Then the shoe heels are made using an EOS 3D printer, after which the heels are spray painted with color. Lastly, the upper and the heels of the shoe are assembled together resulting in something beautifully and efficiently designed.



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