As you may be noticing in my articles, 3D printing is continuing to expand in the shoe world. People Footwear has recently introduced a new line of sneakers. The shoes are made with a 3D printed mesh, something that the public could actually wear in the future.

We could see sneakers like these appearing all over the web, especially on sites like The head of the People Footwear is designer Damian Van Zyll De Jong.

With Stanley sneakers and Phillip shoe lines, People Footwear has created a resulting product that is similar to other shoe brands. The shoes aren’t built upper-to-sole with a 3D printer like most are.

The company uses proprietary material and techniques that create a durable 3D printed mesh that is designed to allow airflow in the shoe. Van Zyll De Jong says using 3D printers has helped them make their manufacturing process more efficient and reduce waste.

Each resulting pair is priced around 60 dollars. Each product is used making Skylite, which is an EVA-based molded foam, with a no-sew construction method. All of these are ideas that could be used to improve future products on 3DShoes.


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