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Jiaodu Launches 3D Foot Scanner



The future of 3D printed footwear is still improving with the new ideas that are being released by companies all over the world. This kind of technology offers amazing customization options that are ideal to have when creating all types of shoes.




Feetz, one of the most notable companies, has been appearing in the most headlines so far. This company also appears on the website 3DShoes.com. At the same time, other companies in other countries are trying to keep up with the idea of 3D printed shoes, as well as coming up with new ideas.



One Chinese company, Jiaodu Technology, has taken the idea of customization even further by creating the first ever 3D foot scanner, with the goal of making the process of customizing footwear more reliable.


The goal for this company is to change the industry so consumers are able to wear shoes that fit properly. This kind of technology could end up featured by other companies in the future, including those found on the site, 3DShoes.


To reach this goal, Jiaodu created a small foot scanner to be installed at various shoe stores, and sends the foot scan data directly to the company, allowing them to fabricate a 3D printed shoe that is a perfect fit for each customer.


The scanner can analyze a user’s foot, in just 3 seconds, creating all the necessary data for fabricating the shoes. Normally, a pair of shoes would only be available to wealthy individuals, but thanks to this 3D foot scanner a pair of shoes will be able to be purchased for just a few hundred dollars.



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