In today’s society shoes aren’t just meant for walking around and keeping our feet protected, they are also used for complementing the clothes that we wear. The design of the shoe is the first thing that catches someone’s attention when purchasing a new pair of shoes.


Shoes are made of many different materials, including leather and plastic, to be comfortable on our feet. Most shoe designs are traditional, but there are also designs that are creative and are considered strange to some people. Some shoe designs can be found on


3D printed items can be found in numerous places; including hospitals, homes, and even what you are wearing. The creation of 3D printers has made design more accurate, allowing us to create some of the most complicated objects.


You can create anything using 3D printing regardless of its size or the material you use to make it. Clothes, shoes and accessories can be printed right inside your home without having to go out and purchase them.


With the use of plastic or other materials, you can begin creating your own 3D printed shoes. You can also use more than one material, such as a combination of plastic and leather. Heels can be customized to be flat, low or high, or even designs that are made for men.


Some of these are featured on the site 3DShoes. In addition to those, you can create sneakers in different colors and designs to use anytime you like. With 3D printing creation and convenience can be brought into your own home.



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