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3D Printed Shoes Challenges Boundaries



Shoe design is a lot about coming up with new shoe innovations, and efficient ways to create new shoes for consumers. The problem is a lot of these shoes are more for looks, rather than being made for comfort. Most people prefer comfort to looks when it comes to choosing their shoes.


A recent project by Julija Frodina is aiming to find a connection with new technologies and innovations in the shoe industry. The project is far from comfort in 3D design, but it shoes how designers are always ready to try another step forward.


Julija wants to bring experience in handmade and commercial design to help combine traditional shoe making with the technology of 3D printing, and achieve a look that is both modern and architectural.


Although her designs are very sculptured they can also be worn and may even be more comfortable than most off-the-shelf designs. It’s possible we could even see these designs on 3DShoes.com someday. Her inspiration came from surrounding spaces that she found all around herself and the experiences that came from it.


Frodina constructed the design using Rhino, printing them from corn plastic. After that the pieces are put together by hand using titan metal wire to complete the creating of the 3D shoes. The final design of the shoes will stir up many different feelings and impressions from consumers.


They deconstruct the idea of a shoe, and bring something new to be worn on our feet. Julija’s project will open many design ideas, ones that will add to 3DShoes, and they will start an iconic look for her project.



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