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SOLS Working On Personalized Footwear


Having to try on shoes can be a pain for anyone. You have to keep trying until you find that pair that is neither too big nor too small. Unfortunately, size is not the only factor involved in finding the perfect fit.


There are many different foot variations and we all need that perfect blend of length and width of the foot. Shoe design doesn’t account for the height, length and width of someone’s insole as much as it should.


A startup company from New York, called SOLS, is creating personalized 3D Printed insoles for shoes. SOLS’ goal is to create custom 3D printed footwear using the funding they got from Serie B.


Their process is to first start out by having photos of each of the consumer’s feet taken from three different angles. Using these images, the company then creates models of their feet digitally, similar to the app by 3DShoes.com. The company then prints shoes to almost perfectly match the consumer’s feet.


SOLS recently unveiled a 3D Printed prototype shoe called Adaptiv. They are currently working with EOS to construct a large factory in Texas to produce all of its products in the future.


The main goal is to have consumers be able to send their orders from their smartphones to the factory and choose what is featured with their shoes. Shoes could be produced with leather outsoles or maybe even have mood-sensor color-changing LED lights built into them.



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