Julian Hakes, an architect and designer, recently created a groundbreaking new 3D printed shoe. His Mojito shoe is being featured in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Exhibition, running from June 2015 to January 2016. The Exhibition includes around 200 pairs of shoes and features some of the boldest of footwear. The designs range from simple decorated sandals, to wildly elaborate designs.


Hakes’ Mojito shoes were given the Drapers award for “Best footwear designer of the year 2012” and the footwear will remain in its place as part of the Museum’s collection even after the exhibition closes. These shoes were created using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer to build his prototypes.


He came across this 3D printer at an event where he was showing off his early versions of the Mojito Shoe. This type of printer could help with the creation of many 3D shoes to come, even ones that are seen on 3DShoes.com.


As an architect, Julian had been working for over 10 years before he switched his focus towards working on shoes. Applying his knowledge from architecture, he sought to create a shoe to provide support for both the heel and the ankle.


After trying some ideas with tracing paper and masking tape he eventually came up with a shoe design that would do just that. This is where the “Mojito” came into existence, being named for its resemblance to a twist of lime skin.



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