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3D Printing And Ferrofluid Combined In Display


Ferrofluid is a liquid with magnetically reactive properties, and was created by NASA with the intent of being used in rocket fuel. It was going to be bonded to a fuel source and used in a weightless environment.


This fuel could be drawn into the rocket’s engines with a magnetic field instead of needing pumps or gravity to do it. Today, however, it is mostly used GIFs (graphics interchange format) on social media. Recently it has been rediscovered by Nike to sell a new line of sneakers in an amazing display.


An advertising company that calls itself Guild created Nike’s display. Instead of a boring display of Nike’s jet-black shoe, the end result shows how the inky liquid reacts to magnets to help get the attention of consumers. This is because magnetic particles in the fluid cause it to stay in liquid form. The particles have a compound coating that keeps them from clumping together.


Guild started creating a 3D printed replica of the Kevin Durant shoes that were being displayed. The detailed prints show each individual lace, stitch, and crease that is on the sneaker. It’s so real you would have a hard time believing it was just a display at first glance.


For the display to work the shoe needed to have magnets inside of it to make the ferrofluid react to it. This technology was used just to create a detailed replica of a shoe. Imagine the same technology being applied to wearable shoes such as those on 3DShoes.com. The possibilities could be endless.



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