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Neta Soreq Helps Us Walk On Air


I have written many articles for this website, and over time I have noticed an increase in content and information available about 3D printing. It is becoming more common to see the 3D printing technology used in the creation of footwear. What catches the attention of the industry are not just the designs for these shoes, but also the methods by which they are being made.


Recently a designer by the name of Neta Soreq has come up with 3D shoes that have a unique design that could be useful in the future. The shoes display both high taste and the various possibilities that could be applied to the fabrication of footwear using 3D printing technology.


She graduated with a BFA in jewelry and fashion design, and began looking into footwear design during her second year of study focusing on 3D printing. She produced the first 3D printed shoe at the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Israel.


Her final project was a spring shoe that was designed for active consumers, which she likes to call a “spring” heel. Neta starting out with rough sketches, then moved on to digital models using Solid Works, and eventually physical designs using a 3D printing pen. After she finished creating the design she 3D printed them using an Aran-RD SLS printer.  


The upper part of the shoe is made with Nylon12 to prevent friction, and the soles were fabricated out of a photopolymer. The shoes are both lightweight and comfortable, while providing support. This design could be included with the shoes 3DShoes.com brings us and the worth of 3D printed footwear. Great design and great support is what everyone wants in a shoe.



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