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Atossa Shoes Bring Comfort To Consumers


I’ve mentioned many different types of shoes since I started writing these; anything from high heels to rain boots. They’re all mind-blowing, and really take advantage of 3D printing’s ability to create amazing shapes and structures.


But being that the fashion market is more focused on style than comfort. Recently, a designer named Behrad Ghodsi sought to change that, by putting more focus into the comfort of high heels. Imagine getting shoes from sites like 3DShoes.com and having them both look and feel great!.


Ghodsi developed a range of 3D footwear that was both stylish and comfortable, and made from sustainable materials. His final result is a shoe he likes to call Atossa, a 3D printed high heel that will be seen on the market.



3D printing is more specialized so it’s not easily available for at-home consumer use. It is predicted, however, that everyone will have their own 3D printers at home to make or repair things they need. With this idea in mind, Ghodsi designed a shoe that regular 3D printers can make without any problems.


The files for these designs will also be available to the public so 3D printer owners will be able to make multiple shoes. Production speeds of shoes would increase, while the costs for making them would go down. Designs like these could be posted on 3DShoes in the near future.


His designs started off with sketches of 3D models, and then he 3D printed some prototypes of the shoes. Ghodsi asked numerous people to try them out, and give him their feedback on the footwear so he could refine them.


Next he had to find a way to connect the upper and lower parts. He tried multiple methods, and eventually came up with two depending on the style and comfort preferences of his consumers. As a result of all of this we now have 3D printed heels that are stylish, sustainable, and comfortable.



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