Autodesk, an American software company, has recently taken a turn towards including digital footwear creation in their business. They call it the Autodesk Footwear Group and work with products by UK Company Delcam Crispin, including custom orthotics insoles for their shoes. This group will combine Delcam’s software with the software and technologies accessible by Autodesk. Their goal is to create shoes and shoes accessories with intricate upper and sole design, to form-fitted insoles.

Delcam Crispin is known for having numerous contributions to the digital footwear industry. They provide software for custom orthotic insoles, as well as a foot scanner and software for calculating total footwear costing. With Delcam and Autodesk working together, the companies will blend together. This means that Autodesk and its customers will benefit from the sales and technology of Delcam, especially the production of footwear and orthotic insoles.

Delcam and Autodesk want to focus on digital footwear, and expand on the products that are currently available. The market for custom footwear is still expanding, especially ones that can provide comfort and performance for its consumers. Other companies such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance are also attempting to create shoes with this capability. With Delcam on their side, Autodesk it stepping up their game in the 3D footwear industry, and I’m eager to see what they will come up with.


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