The thought of being able to 3D print shoes is almost unbelievable. But imagine if you were able to print these shoes in the comfort of your own home. A Nike executive attended the GeekWire Summit, a technology conference in the Pacific Northwest, and announced that soon you’ll be able to 3D print Nike shoes without having to leave home. His main purpose of going to the conference was to unveil Nike’s Flynit sneaker; knitted sneakers that are made by feeding a file into a knitting machine.

This kind of footwear production is similar to the technique for making 3D shoes. Customers will start by designing their shoes online, and then purchasing the file that they would use with their 3D printer. Then they will have the option to print them at home, or bring them to a Nike store to be printed in a matter of hours. We could see this type of production with some of’s products they will have available in the future.

There are a few things that have to be worked out before this option is available. It’s not very cheap for customers to print their shoes at home. Also, the technology to print a sneaker sole still does not exist. Nike is a huge company who wants to start the exciting “manufacturing revolution.” Their ideas will bring us many unique possibilities in the near future, especially with 3D printing.


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