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Student 3D Prints High Heels For Project

3D printing is continuously expanding as time goes by. We’re even starting to see people of younger ages take interest in it. A design student, Jacqui Painter, decided to 3D print her own pair of shoes. She is a Boulder Environmental Design student at the University of Colorado, and printed the shoes as her final thesis statement.

She believes that 3D printing will bring us closer to the natural form than we ever have been. Jacqui used the mathematical Voronoi grid as the major design motif for her shoes. Voronoi is very popular among 3D printing designers. The first few prints of the shoes came out warped before they looked the way she had envisioned. She learned this method from a lesson about getting the mechanics of 3D printing to actually work.

Aside from the project, Painter created an informative YouTube video about the project, and the highly detailed graphic outline of the creative process she used. Although there are no photos or descriptions about how the shoes work on real feet, her report still shows her creative vision and the printing process used in 3D design. With all the youth taking interest in 3D printing we could see more and more designers start to join the the people included on 3DShoes.com.


Original Article: http://3dprint.com/101269/3d-print-voronoi-high-heels/



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