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Adidas Grit Shoe

From all the articles I have written, there is no doubt that the technology to create 3D printed shoes will be very effective. The footwear will not only be unique and difficult to counterfeit, but it will also give designers zero constraints. They will be able to design for pure function and aesthetics, and shoe production will not be hindered by the manufacturing capabilities. The Adidas Grit is a great example of this. The shoe is designed with a sole that is a shock absorber to help with shoe’s functionality. The Grit also has a design that is mesmeric and unique, to the point where you cannot really tell where the midsole or the outsole begins on the shoe. The design of the sole wraps itself around the upper half of the shoe like crazy cobwebs.


The Adidas Grit was made to make the consumer look like a million bucks, and feel like they are running on air. The lattice sole on the shoe collapses when your foot lands on the ground, and the material physics pushes it to expand when your foot is lifting off the ground. This allows the shoe to absorb impact, and release the energy. The shoe itself looks very desirable, and it is without a doubt something consumers will be wanting. As 3D printing continues to move into the footwear industry, 3DShoes.com will continue to keep an eye on it. The Adidas Grit is both impressive and beautiful.


Original Article: https://www.yankodesign.com/2017/10/31/that-sole-folks/


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