When Adidas unveiled its Futurecraft technology they planned to use 3D printed soles that are meet to feel individual needs. Adidas wants athletes to be able to run on a treadmill for a few minutes to get a scan of their foot. This way they can leave a store a short time later with shoes that are custom designed for them. After the Futurecraft was released this year, Adidas is now about to release more shoes in their Y-3 line of sneakers. The Y-3 line has been part of Adidas’ catalog for more than 15 years. Recently 3D printing has been put into one of their recent athletic shoes, the Runner 4D. The shoe is available in black and white and features a lightweight Primeknit upper seamlessly mixed with leather overlays.


The Runner 4D features a stylish three-cord cage that has been designed to mimic Adidas’ iconic logo. It is even more improved with the 3D printed Futurecraft sole which has a mint-green color and lightweight design for the Runner 4D. Thanks to this the Runner 4D will have both impressive performance and fashionable looks. Looks and functionality are what 3DShoes.com really cares to see with 3D Printing Shoes. Adidas plans to release more Futurecraft shoes as the year progresses, but they are putting the focus on the Runner 4D. The shoes will retail at $535 but may sell for more among collectors.


Original Article: https://www.digitaltrends.com/health-fitness/y-3-3d-printed-sole/