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Aetrex Foot Scanning

Aetrex, a company that develops and sells foot scanning technology, has a new tool for retailers to optimize consumers’ feet measurements. Starting in February, Aetrex will be able to deploy the Albert 2 3D foot scanner in stores to give an accurate sizing experience. The Albert foot scanner can be activated in a store as soon as shoppers step onto the scanner. After about 20 seconds or less, 3D measurements of the foot are captured, and then the static or dynamic pressure. The store can decide whether they use static or dynamic, with the latter measuring gait and center of gravity. The foot data can then be sued to help customers and store associates find the best fitting footwear or orthotics. Despite being places in stores, the capabilities of the Albert 2 are designed to merge the in-store and online experiences for retailers. The scanner includes Aetrex’s pressure plate sensor technology, designed to capture complete foot data about customers’ unique arch types and pressure points. The sensors assign numbers from zero to 256 related to the different areas of foot measured, then the numbers are converted into a color image of the foot.


Understanding the data behind pressure points is significant, because these are the areas people are prone to pain, discomfort, and injuries. Retailers will have access to a CRM dashboard, where they can gather, filter, and export all Albert 2 foot scan data. It can then filter all customer foot scan data by store, to create customized marketing programs. Aetrex bundles Albert 2 with Aetrex Orthotics as part of the scanning process, also giving retailers the opportunity to potentially drive add-on sales at every scan.


Original Article: https://sourcingjournal.com/footwear/footwear-innovations/aetrex-albert-2-foot-scanner-shoe-shopping-data-personalization-orthotics-240996/

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