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Aetrex Foot Scanning

Foot scanning technology leader Aetrex Worldwide recently showcased the next generation of 3D foot scanning, the Albert 2, at CES 2021. Albert 2 brings what is claimed to be the most advanced foot scanning system in the world. It combines cutting-edge technology to help consumers find the right fitting footwear and orthotics, as well as provide an enhanced in-store experience. The goal of the Albert 2 is to create an unmatched, all-in-one foot scanning solution that incorporates the best technologies available while creating an easy-to-use experience for the customer and retailer.


The Albert 2 has four Intel RealSense depth cameras and 5,184 gold-plated sensors. These cameras help provide highly accurate 3D scanning capabilities and depth quality per degree with a rolling shutter on the depth sensor. This is Combined with Aetrex’s proprietary pressure plate technology designed to capture pressure data on the underside of the foot. With measurement, arch type, and pressure points, Albert 2 recommends the best shoes and orthotics for a customer’s foot type. Aetrex also partners with EOS, a leader in industrial 3D printing to offer 3D printed custom orthotics. The orthotics provide customers with customized support and cushioning, matching every square centimeter of each foot. This technology combined with that orthotics could bring potential to 3D printed shoes.


Original Article: https://gadget.co.za/ces21-ai-steps-into-3d-foot-scanning/

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