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The Annie Foo Design Company is joining the 3D printing trend. Annie Foo is currently finishing her master’s degree in fashion at the Royal College of Art. She has managed to design, and 3D print her work which consists of high-tech fashionable shoes, with an HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200. Annie sees the potential of 3D printing in fashion and shoes and has watched it pick up over the last few years. Food Design is finding its own niche in the fashion business by using 3D technology more often. The customized shoes are beautiful, present an artistic flair, and are functional. Annie Foo has begun producing 3D printed shoes for customers by 3D scanning the foot and then creating the “bespoke” shoe. Utilizing the benefits of 3D printing allows for a faster turnaround, greater affordability, and better customization for consumers.


3D printing continues to have a larger role in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to shoes. Companies like Nike and Adidas have used additive manufacturing to make 3D printed uppers, materials overall, and 3D printed lace locks. Other designers have been creating a wide range of dresses, some of which cannot be worn in daily life, and others that are more casual and appealing for consumers. However, our interest at remains with 3D printed footwear. We look forward to seeing what people like Annie Foo have to offer in the future.


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