Armis Slide 3D Shoes

Crocs, as much as their appeal has plummeted, revolutionized the ability for a shoe to be unibody. But the Armis has picked up where the crocs left off. Without the strap, an entire crocs shoe could be made using a single mold, and the Armis Slide builds on the same machine. The Armis is a slip-on shoe that gets made in a single 3D printing cycle. The design comes with two broad parts, the inner mesh and the outer covering, split into multiple parts that shield your foot. The shock-absorbing inner mesh comes custom-designed to suit each individual’s foot pressure-graph. Based on user data, a generative design algorithm created the inner mesh and readies the shoe’s overall design by laying the outer shell on top. Once the CAD file is ready, the entire hoe can be printed in one single sitting using resin-based 3D printing. It is difficult to say how this kind of shoe can be repaired if it’s damaged, but an elastomer or additive out there could help prolong its life. This is another 3D printed shoe that shows potential, and I am curious to see where it goes from here.


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