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At Nike the Future is Faster, and it's 3D

Nike announces a new 3D-printing partnership with HP designed to accelerate the scale and speed of the company’s innovation processes.


Source: At Nike the Future is Faster, and it's 3D


Ashton Eaton was one of the big stars in the Olympics last year. The Decathlete was in commercials and was the first decathlete to capture the hearts of people since Bruce Jenner. The picture above however wasn't addressed much last year. No one really dove into a discussion on Nike's use of 3D printing. A year ago this month Nike produced several products that shaped the way athletes performed during the Olympics and Eaton went on to earn the Gold. The helmet above was used to help Eaton recover during his events and training. Eaton couldn't stop training so Nike actually used a 3D printed version of Eaton's head to shape the Cooling Hood.





Nike was able to create a shoe that was shaped to sprinter Allyson Felix's foot in a short amount of time. The product enabled the brand to assist Felix in continuing to train without disruption to her routine while crafting footwear that saw Felix move on to win 3 medals last year.


Nike was able to accomplish this work via a collaboration with HP. It's a great time to revisit the story since everyone in the industry wants the inside track on how 3D printing will allow everyone to become a part of the footwear industry either through design or creation. Use the source link to read more.




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