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Baafoot™ Merino Wool Barefoot Insoles

If you love to wear shoes without socks but hate stinky, uncomfortable feet, Baafoot is your natural, high performance solution.

Go Barefoot with Baafoot - the natural, feel good way to wear shoes without socks

Go Barefoot with Baafoot :)
Go Barefoot with Baafoot :)

The problem is that when you wear shoes without socks, you get stinky, sweaty, gross feet. This leads to funky smells, ruined shoes and less fun. 

I see it all the time...people either suck it up and just go barefoot and deal with the consequences or they wear a sock, when they shouldn't. 

SAY NO TO THIS with Baafoot
SAY NO TO THIS with Baafoot

Wrapping your feet in a cotton/nylon blend is constricting and doesn't allow your feet to breath, locks in moisture and starts to stink quickly

Personally, I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible, completely natural, toes in the sand, in the dirt, on the grass, no constriction, total breathability...but this is not an option most of the time. 

This is why Baafoot exist, to be able to wear shoes, for fashion or protection, without socks and feel as natural as your feet can possibly be.

Materials and the design are key for PERFORMANCE, and they have been put through the ultimate challenges while adventuring and exploring America and foreign countries. I haven't held anything back...extreme heat, humidity, rain, freezing cold, snow, months on months without washing, trail running, motorcycling and exploring cities like Bangkok, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, and New York, just to name a few. 

100% Merino Wool

I found out about merino wool back in 2011 and have since been wearing it every day. All of my shirts, shorts, underwear and socks are made out of this natural SUPER FABRIC. When it's hot , I'm comfortable, I don't stink, and I can wear my clothes without washing for weeks. At this very moment, I haven't done laundry in three months (don't judge ;) 

Merino wool has antibacterial / antifungal  properties due to the presence of lanolin and keratin. Lanolin and keratin are a wax produced by the sheep and have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This helps protect from water and bad odours forming. Unlike other thermal products merino wool base layers can be worn for days, and if needed weeks, at a time without the need to wash. All the while remaining odourless.

This is not the wool that you used to know, Merino wool is soft and feels great against the skin. Unlike synthetics or cotton, merino wool, even after multiple uses, wet or dirty, still feels soft and natural. 

No matter how hot or sweaty you may get, when you are using Baafoot's, your feet will feel comfortable, as if you were barefoot on a beautiful Persian rug. 


Next we wrap the Merino Wool around a 1.75mm layer of antimicrobial foam that has been custom perforated. This provides the stiffness needed to easily insert the Baafoot into the shoe, while increasing airflow, allowing the merino layer to wick moisture further away from the foot.

Usually insoles have layers held together by adhesive or glue, but we say NO to anything that decreases breathability. We only use antimicrobial thread to bring the layers together. 

Super THIN

The Baafoot has been designed to wear on top of your current Insole. Boat shoes, slip ons, dress shoes, golf shoes, sports shoes, whatever the shoe, just slide the Baafoot into the shoe, foot goes in and your off. 



Seamless edges to ensure total comfort

Baafoot's are Washable

Like I said above, these have been tested in the harshest conditions without washing for months, but don't be afraid to wash your pair whenever you'd like...although I would suggest once every two weeks to once a month, depending on how dirty you think they have become. 

Wash in a gentle cycle and air dry **do not machine dry**

Production Plan


The Baafoot 7.0 comes in whole sizes. If you are a size 8.5, order a size 9. A half size larger works well with the infinity edge. If you are a size 9, order a 9.The Baafoot 7.0 will gradually form to your foot. 

Sizes: Women & Men 6-13


No doubt, if you have watched the campaign video, then you know a bit about me. My name is Brandon and I created Baafoot simply to continue wearing shoes without socks and not only be comfortable walking around, but comfortable no matter what adventure comes my way.  

The Baafoot 7.0 is performance driven! 

I didn't just test these to make sure they are "good enough",  I took them on a four year lifestyle adventure. If they were unable to keep up, they had to go! 

As I motorcycle across the states for 5 months I started to show people Baafoot, whoever I noticed wearing shoes without socks or socks when they shouldn't be, and they all wanted a pair. This Kickstarter Campaign is also for them ☺

 Baafoot &  the Testicular Cancer Society 

 In December 2009 I felt a lump one morning and later found out that it was testicular cancer. Through surgery the testicle was removed and I chose not to have any further treatment. I had limited knowledge of what was going on and carried on with my life. Well, after five years the cancer was back and had metastasized into the lymphnodes in my abdomen. I survived but only after rigorous treatment. 

I always get asked "how did you first notice it" Fortunately,  I was paying attention to my body and then went to get it further inspected. Guys are never quick to admit health issues and this one is even more likely to go without care. Feelings of embrassment, vulnerabilities, or just plain scared of what might happen. 

I figured that my story, through Baafoot, could help the Testicular Cancer Society to help young men catch this very curable cancer,  as quickly as possible. TCS is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for the most common form of cancer in men age 15-35. We are dedicated to increasing awareness and education about the disease and providing support for fighters, survivors and caregivers.


SUPPORT THEIR CAMPAIGN: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/baafoot/baafoot-shoe-inserts-go-barefoot-with-baafoot

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