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Balena x Brigitte Kock Collaborate to Create Sustainable 3d-printed Fashion Using Biomaterials

Brigitte Kock, a 3D fashion designer, collaborated with Balena to create a collection of 3D-printed garments. The collection features trousers with stylish cutouts on the side and a trendy cropped shirt with open back panels. These pants are designed with a clever gradient, making them perfect for a night out on the town. The bottom is slightly more transparent, while the top is more opaque, creating a stylish and eye-catching look. Images captured by Balena/Marina Atyson.


Variable Seams x Balena


3D-printed fashion offers a unique opportunity for personalization and the convenience of on-demand production. However, finding sustainable materials can pose a challenge. Balena, an innovative materials science company from Italy, has partnered with 3D fashion designer Brigitte Kock, the founder of Variable Seams Studio, to address this challenge. They have utilized Balena's cutting-edge FlexTex3D technology and its BioCir® Flex3D material to create a captivating collection of 3D-printed garments.


This bio-based, compostable thermoplastic material, called BioCirflex3D, is highly versatile and can be used in various manufacturing processes such as injection molding, extrusion, and 3D printing. This provides an alternative to commonly used materials like thermoplastic polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, and low-density polyethylene.


Variable Seams x Balena


During my master's program, I attempted to develop an alternative biomaterial and quickly realized the immense challenge of designing stretchable filaments. Regrettably, I had to come to the conclusion that this particular project was beyond my individual capabilities. During my exploration, I was confident that there are many individuals who are dedicated to addressing and resolving this issue. As a result, I directed my efforts towards exploring the realm of modular 3D-printed fashion," Kock explains. "Working together, we are not only pushing the limits of 3D-printing fashion but also making a significant impact on the industry."


David Roubach founded Balena in 2020. The company introduced its inaugural product, the BioCir Slides shoes, to the market in 2022. The company is currently developing new materials, such as BioCirx for rigid products like buttons and sunglasses frames, and BioCirw for films used in technical textiles. The company was chosen to take part in the Fashion for Good 2024 Innovation Program, a highly prestigious opportunity.

Follow them on instagram: @variableseams @balena



Source: https://specialtyfabricsreview.com/2024/06/01/sustainable-3d-printed-fashion-created-with-biomaterial/
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