Livne has designed sneakers with alternative leather inserts that are made from wasted fat, bones, and blood of animals. The sneakers were designed as part of Livne’s Meat Factory project. It’s a series of material experiments to turn fat and bones taken from waste streams of slaughterhouses in the Netherlands into sustainable material. In an attempt to use the entire animal, Livne used discarded blood as an ink-like colorant and plasticizer for the deep-red material. The designer uses the waste products to form a substance that can be molded or 3D printed into a leather-like material or extruded into yarn. The Design Academy Eindhoven graduated hopes that this project will spark conversations about the lack of knowledge consumers have about where the food on their plates comes from.


The main body of the trainers is made from Nappa leather, and each shoe features a dark red panel at the center of the material that the designer calls bio-leather, as a hint toward the potential of the material. Created in collaboration with footwear brand Nat-2, the outsoles are made from rubber and the insoles are made from cork. Livne wants to develop her bio-leather to someday be used to make the entire shoe. She also hopes the project will bring light to the view that leather is a by-product of the meat industry. Livne hopes the material will challenge the idea that petroleum-based plastics are damaging the planted by treating their waste as a valuable commodity for future generations. It will be amazing to see this material used for 3D printed shoes as it becomes more developed.


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