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Bos Footwear

About Bös

Our dream is to bring the world together one treasure and culture at a time. We believe every country around the world has unique products. It’s our goal to find them and bring them to YOU.

Our first treasure, Bös Footwear, hails all the way from Bulgaria. “Бос”, or Bös is a Bulgarian word that means barefoot. These shoes have been popular in Bulgaria for over 20 years, and it's time that the rest of the world enjoys them.

We can’t wait to see these shoes on your feet! To do this, we need your help! By selecting a pledge to the right, you can help Bös Footwear reach our funding goal of $10,000. Once we reach that goal, we will place our first order with our Bulgarian manufacturer, then send you your rewards!

The Main Attraction: Bös Footwear

Ladies, we’ve got four styles for you to choose from:

*The Bös Wedge is only available from US size 4.5-9.5.
**For women's Bös Weave, the sole may vary slightly only on sizes 8 and smaller.

Guys, we've got three styles for you:

Rewards for our awesome backers

We have some incredible rewards set up to thank you for your support of Bös Footwear! Please see the details to the right. Here’s your reward breakdown:

Martenitsa: Bulgarian Friendship Bracelets

Spring is an exciting time in Bulgaria. It is a time to celebrate new life and friendships. Beginning on the 1st of March, it is customary to give your friends a red and white martenitsa bracelet, which they wear for about a month until they see either a stork or a budding tree. The bracelets are then hung on the budding tree to celebrate the coming of spring and rekindled friendship.

At Bös Footwear we also appreciate the importance of friendship, and your friendship means the world to us.  We want to thank you for being our friend. For a simple $9 donation to help us get our feet off the ground, we will send you not just one martenitsa bracelet, but two. One for you, and one to give to a friend.

Bulgaria: The home country of Bös Footwear

Bös comes from Plovdiv, Bulgaria which is the 6th oldest city in the world. Bulgaria’s culture has been influenced by many of the world’s ancient eastern cultures including the: Thracians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Russians. This culturally rich country has many unique products and traditions to offer the world.
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