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CAMPERLAB’s New Sneaker Transcends Technology & Geography

Perhaps opposites do attract after all! Spanish footwear innovator CAMPERLAB has found inspiration in an environment far removed from its own - Finland. In the spirit of Pan-European collaboration, the brand is channeling the best of what the two great countries have to offer for the creation of its new technical sneaker. Named Tossu (an old Finnish slang word meaning slipper or sneaker), the sneaker is claimed to be produced in a completely circular, zero-waste fashion. Designed and made entirely in Spain, it commands attention with a heavy-hitting, bold, and sporty silhouette. The unconventional look is a risk CAMPERLAB was specifically created to take, as parent brand Camper’s more experimental and innovative younger sibling.



For those of us not scientifically gifted, we’ve managed to break down the brand’s complex manufacturing process into something digestible. CAMPERLAB is using innovative, polymer-based materials such as recycled polyester, and has developed a new bonded construction technique to fuse the outsole with the inner 3D-knitted sock without using any glue. It’s also fully recyclable, and the brand has even devised a plan for footwear reincarnation. If returned to the store, CAMPERLAB will turn your Tossu’s into playground floors - fun for the whole family!

The Tossu is available in four different colorways - and if you’re feeling plagued by indecision, we’ve taken the liberty of suggesting a matching environment for each hue. There’s the classic full black, guaranteed to pass the vibe check on a night out in Berlin, or three bi-color options, perhaps more suited to the non-Berghain crowd. Crisp white with contrasting highlights is perfect for a camouflaged excursion into the snowy Lapland wilderness, while beige and tan would be our pick for exploring the rocky trails and secluded beaches on Camper’s home island of Mallorca. Finally, there’s the bold burgundy and blue combination, which we’d choose for a stroll through the colorful streets of downtown Reykjavík, for example.

CAMPERLAB’s creative director Achilles Ion Gabriel - who also hails from Finland - enlisted the help of Antwerp-based 3D artist Frederik Heyman for the creation of Tossu’s ambitious promotional campaign. Heyman has previously created artwork with artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Arca, among others, so this new campaign has some big shoes to fill. The result is a bewitching visual experience, inviting viewers to admire the birth of Tossu from the cradle of technology, The Matrix-style. We’ll definitely be diving into CAMPERLAB’s brave new world and taking the red pill.


SOURCE: https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/camperlab-tossu-sneaker/


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