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Carbon And Covestro 3D Resin

German manufacturer Covestro and Carbon are partnering to create mass production of Carbo’s polyurethane liquid resin. Additive manufacturing presents the challenge of suitable materials with needed quality and quantity. With this partnership, they can push boundaries and support industries looking into digital mass production. Carbon’s technology uses light and oxygen to rapidly produce high-quality end-use products using a pool of resin. The company’s 3D printer line has increased, and more customers are on board. Covestro has been researching materials to enable an extended range of industrial application for Carbon.


In the past, the company implemented its technology to 3D print the Speedflex Precision Diamond helmet lining and the midsoles from the Y-3 Runner 4D II Adidas shoes. Covestro’s 3D printing laboratories will be upgraded to develop and test material solutions for additive manufacturing. They have demonstrated the applications of a range of 3D printable resins, filaments, and powders. Last year they created a 3D printed shock absorber demonstrator. Partnerships like Covestro and Carbon are what could help the improvement of 3D printed footwear.


Original Article: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/carbon-enters-mass-production-of-3d-printer-resin-with-covestro-158643/


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