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Casca's Avro Shoe

The Vancouver-based startup, Casca, was created by Kevin Reid and Braden Parker who developed their idea in a basement. The cofounders consider Vancouver’s landscape a perfect testing ground for their products, and the brand name is an abbreviation of Cascadia. The Casca Avro shoe features an ultra-thick E.T. foam footbed and a proprietary support structure in the rear of the foot, similar to mountaineering boots. The model sets itself from other brands, and Casca is positioning itself at the forefront of the 3D printed footwear movement. Casca’s FootB3D is an integrated insole that provides custom arch support and can fine-tune the fit of the shoe. Inputting 3 simple photographs into Casca’s app generates a 20,000-point 3D model for your foot. Then FootB3D is printed to match precise arch and foot measurements and then delivered within two weeks.


Casca advertises the Avro as an all-purpose shoe that can be used for all your day-to-day activities. Their goal was to reduce waste consumption and make a performance engineered shoe for everyday life. The Casca Avro shoes retail for $198, and Avro Knit for $178, with an additional $50 if you get a custom FootB3D insole. It is currently available to be purchased online and at the brand’s flagship store in Vancouver.


Original Article: https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/casca-interview/


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