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Clemson University Shunyu Liu and her students develops HI-RAM builds which is a metal 3D printing technology

At Clemson University Shunyu Liu and her students are developing HI-RAM builds which is a metal 3D printing technology combined with synchronous hot rolling for increased part strength. 



The MC87 4D a vintage inspired Adidas golf shoe with 3D Printed insoles. With a jarring but very noticeable aesthetic the $250 shoe signals an expansion of 3D Printing throughout the lineup. 

At MIT Faraz Faruqi and Stefanie Mueller have been working on Style2Fab which uses machine learning and language models to customize objects. Models are scanned to identify and segment esthetic and functional components and users can add input to customize the models. This could lead to an automated way to customize all the models we have. 



SOURCE: https://3dprint.com/303484/3d-printing-news-unpeeled-hi-ram-golf-shoes-and-style2fab/


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