Architecture, engineering, and information sciences students create a company to 3D print customized shoe insoles.

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing is fast becoming a gateway for talented engineers who have always had an idea that they wanted to improve the quality of living for individuals. Val Mak was interning for a watchmaker and became intrigued by what 3D printing could offer in terms of customization.

Mack, along with engineering students Khalil Hajji '17, Mutahir Kazmi '17, and Leo Jingyang Liu (M.Arch. '15, M.S. '20) are the force behind Dimitri, a student startup and member of the 2016–17 eLab business accelerator program at Cornell looking to make 3D printing more accessible.

Mack, along with her teammates are another group that has decided that waiting on the next wave of great ideas isn't the option. Like WIIVV and FEETZ, Mack's group landed on 3D Printed insoles as the option for launching their startup.

Where "Dimitri" is distinguished from the companies already in the space is that they are focusing on utilizing desktop 3D printers to create the insoles. This places 3D printing in a more attainable space as the larger companies are using industrial manufacturing.

Read more about Mak and her associates launching their startup via Cornell's eLab Pitch Night.