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Could GE Additive Save the Steel Industry?

GE has announced the conversion of its research center in Pittsburgh into a Customer Experience Center, similar to an existing facility in Munich. This will further the implementation of its more recently acquired 3D printing technology.


Source: GE Additive secures $20 million 3D printing investment, establishes new Customer Experience Center in Pittsburgh


The 3D printing industry is gaining such momentum that even stalwarts like GE are gaining venture capital styled investments. The traditional idea of who gains investments usually reminds everyone of Silicon Valley and a group of nerds sitting in an incubator developing the next great app or resource for tech. That group then perfects their elevator pitch or they enter a contest and discuss "middle-out" and the money starts flying.


GE, however, is a household name. "We bring good things to life," remains a slogan that inspires thoughts of light bulbs and smiling faces. In the last year GE has been so heavily involved in 3D printing that they are functioning with the speed of a startup in launching their "GE Additive" department.


GE isn't yet manufacturing, but it is doing something better for startups in the additive manufacturing space. GE Additive in conjunction with GE Capital, has been acquiring 3D Printing companies at the pace of Wal-Mart acquiring e-commerce platforms. In other words the acquisitions will allow GE to enter a space without actually creating an entire division. They simply have to repurpose what they have and that's what they are doing.


"...its Center for Additive Technology Advancement (CATA) in Pittsburgh will be developed into a new Customer Experience Center. This is part of a long-term strategy laid out at the start of 2017, as GE Additive and GE Capital are collaborating to increase access to 3D printing across all manufacturing sectors."


Use the source link to read more about GE's involvement in the 3D Printing surge.


Note: It's important to consider that this CATA is located in Pittsburgh which is a traditional steel manufacturing area. The latest acquisition is in metal based 3D printing which could ignite a revival of manufacturing in the US if integrated into the remaining steel companies. This is definitely one to watch.


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